Since saturday June 20, 2009 the brutality of the Iranian regime has a face and the suffering of the Iranian people has a name: Neda. Killed by one of the basij militia's henchmen.The news of her death went around the world. This young woman's fate has become a symbol for a people's uprising against his regime.

"Neda" is the Persian word for "voice". This voice may not speak anymore, but she lives on in every one of us and together we would like to support the Iranian people's efforts to achieve liberty and democracy and give their cause a voice all around the world.

That is what the "Comitee for a Free Iran" stands for. On this website you will find everything worth knowing about us as well as about our petition "Free Iran".

News / Events

> 27.02.2010 in Bern: Quite vigil for the victims in Iran (18:00-19:00h on Waisenhausplatz)

Videos by www.freeiran.ch

> 10.01.2010: Swiss Member of Parliament Geri Müller (Green Party) talkin nonsense on Iran (in Swiss German) on Radio 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxMjMXdJdhc

> 07.12.2009: Message of solidarity with Iranian students from students in Switzerland (International Students' Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7kza0bgjgI

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